Wing Rules

General Rules And Regulations

These rules are our general code of conduct that are to be followed by all members of VCAW-1. They are a guideline to follow for new and veteran members to insure that the wing remains a comfortable and fun place to fly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules, please contact any of the admins on the website for clarification.

1. Respect and treat other members the way you would want to be treated:

* We are all adults here, we realize that that there will be swearing, and things can get heated at times, but we ask that all members remain respectful to each other both on the forums and on teamspeak. Sometimes things get out of hand but the admin team will not stand for repeated trolling, calling other members down, and generally making it difficult for other members to be here. For most of us the wing Is a place we come to unwind and have fun, this is our hobby so please keep that in mind.

2. No Dual Wing Policy:

* We at VCAW-1 have a no dual wing policy. What this means is that we expect our members to dedicate their time and loyalty to the wing and or the squadron that they are assigned, this does not mean that you cannot fly other simulations or fly with other groups, but we expect that if you are a member of the wing, that you put the time in as a member here training with the VCAW-1 group and maintaining a certain ‘standard’ as a member of the wing. This includes other DCS groups, BMS, IL2 etc. If it is found that you are a member of another wing your membership here will be immediately terminated, and your forum member access revoked back to registered user.

3. No Politics:

* While we realize that all members here have opinions regarding current politics, we ask that members refrain from posting them in the forums and/or in Teamspeak. This will avoid any arguments or possible problems that can and will cause arguments or hurt feelings.

4. Advertising/Spam:

* Any spam will be removed from any of VCAW-1’s sites, whether that be on the forum, teamspeak or the dedicated server, which will quickly be followed by the offending poster being removed and banned from all VCAW-1’s associated sites. This is non negotiable and will be immediate.

5. Forum Posting/Trolling/Post Boosting:

* While posting in the forum, please keep in mind that there is several different sections to post certain subjects, please try and keep your posts to the relative section in the forum, this saves the admins having to move the posts to the correct section. Trolling other members in the forum will not be tolerated, HOWEVER, keep in mind that if certain members are doing nothing but basically posting random stuff to essentially ‘boost’ their post counts the admin team will quickly step in and rectify the situation with a warning and then possible forum posting suspension. We don’t need to read the same ‘+1’ after every post. So please be respectful and keep this in the back of your mind.

6. Privacy Policy:

* VCAW-1 does not share any user information with any other websites, companies, or 3rd party vendors. We are not a for-profit website and do not accept payments of any kind nor do we store any financial or personal information about our members. The only information we collect (at registration) is the email address of registering members, and the registered member can decide to share that information or not via profile settings. If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please use the contact page to contact the web administrators.

7. Duplicate Accounts:

* Duplicate accounts are not permitted. If it is discovered that a member has a duplicate account, the duplicate will be immediately removed from the site and the member may be looking at possible forum posting suspension or removal from site.

8. Copyrighted Material/Real World Military Documentation:

* Please refrain from posting/sharing copyrighted material on the any of VCAW-1’s sites, this includes military documents that are not available through standard public use, all restricted material will be immediately removed. A good rule of thumb is if it is easily available through a quick website search then it is probably OK to post. If you have any questions on whether or not it is OK to post, please feel free to contact any of the admin team and they will be able to help.

9. Third Party Mods:

* While there is a lot of modifications in the DCS world, most of these once installed will make your standard DCS installation incompatible with standard integrity checks. This may include VCAW-1’s dedicated server. It is always a good idea to clear any 3rd party mods with the admin staff to insure that it is compatible with our current install. We also ask that you do not post other groups mods in the downloads section of the forum. Unless the admin team has cleared it with the original creator we do not host mods so we can avoid any possible problems with these creators down the road. Even if it is ‘public’ we have run into problems in the past with mod creators. If you have a mod that you think will be a good addition to the wing, please bring it to the admin teams attention.

10. Standard Operating Procedures:

* All members here are expected to maintain and operate under VCAW-1’s standard operating procedures. They are developed so that all members can maintain the same standard across the board. This includes both land operations and carrier operations and it is expected that all members will be responsible for not only themselves but all other members as well.