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Welcome To Virtual Carrier Air Wing One

Recruiting is currently : OPEN

Welcome to VCAW-1, we are an international group of like minded virtual pilots that focus on developing tactics and training based off real world NATOPS carrier operating procedures. Our primary airframe is the DCS F/A-18 Hornet, this is where new applicants will start and go through our training program. All members of the wing have gone through the training program we have here. It is a pretty basic fundamental program that covers everything from learning how to start the jet correctly, navigate, communicate, engage targets in both the air and on the ground and finally qualify for carrier operations.

Requirements for Joining VCAW-1:

In order to join the wing we do have some specific requirements that need to be met. This is not meant as us being an ‘Elitist’ group we have just found that over several years these things are a necessity to learning the right way.

  2. HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) This is a must, DCS full fidelity modules require alot of buttons/axis etc. If you do not have one then it will be extremely difficult to learn how to fly and fight in the jet correctly.
  3. Trackir/VR or some sort of head tracking hardware. Again this is a necessity in the flight sim world, putting snap views on your stick and throttle are going to take up required buttons that you will need to properly function in the cockpit.
  4. We use DCS SRS for inflight communications. It is a small and easy to install program that can be found here : Simple Radio SRS


  1. DCS F/A 18 Hornet
  2. DCS SuperCarrier (In Pre Buy)
  3. DCS Persian Gulf Map
  4. DCS Nevada Training Map
  5. Simple Radio SRS

 If you are interested in joining VCAW-1 then please stop by and register on the forums and then introduce yourself here : Introduction And Recruitment Please include in your introduction:

  • Location
  •  Timezone

  • HOTAS Setup
  • Head tracking
  • Flight Sim Experience

Thank you for your interest